Wow, snow day wasted!

Hi there.
 Well, it’s been a fun day. It hasn’t stopped snowing and that has delightfully cancelled school all around. I missed a test and a dentist appointment today, but oh well. I had intended to do some studying but that didn’t go over well yet. I will do some later this evening after Smallville. I might pop in a movie in a little while to enjoy the day off. Make some popcorn and hot chocolate. I’ll be all set. I whipped out my Digicam earlier and tried to record some of the storm. Couldn’t see much cause the wind was blowing things everywhere. But it’s not too horrible right now. When it stops, I’ll pull it out again so that I can post pictures of how much snow we got.
 Shawn was proped up at the Delta last night thanks to his work being concerned about not having any one in today. We’re in the midst of a major snowstorm. Second one of the winter season so it’s not too horrible. We’re supposed to have some sun and plus temperatures on the weekend, so I’m not complaining yet. It kind of sucked cause I couldn’t be there with him, but he enjoyed it. Several of his co-workers were there and they played cards and went out to herman’s around midnight for a little while for a couple drinks.
 Well, I’m off to find food. Maybe perogies. Later days!
<a href=’; target=’_blank’><img src=’; alt=’Shoveling Snow’ border=0></a><a href=’; target=’_blank’><img src=’; alt=’Snowstorm’ border=0></a>  
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