Well, March is just about over which means school is just about over and all this stress and anxiety is almost over. I always get pissy right around crunch time when there’s a lot of work to do and this year is no different. Though, some things are a little different. I have some personal issues that are a little unusal for me and I’m having trouble dealing with them. Graduation is one. And it’s overwhelming. Moving out is one of them. Even though I’m waiting to hear from Dalhousie still, I’m preparing to make a move. Even if I don’t get into Dalhousie I’m hoping to move into my own apartment. Which is going to be hell. Unless Heather moves down here, next year I won’t have any close friends in the area. Agnes and Donald are moving to New Brunswick where Leah and Kyle are. It’s going to be a change. 
 Studying for the last leg of stuff is almost unbearable. I just don’t have the motivation to keep going. I just want it over with.
On the upside, my grad pictures come in next week. I’m excited about them. I’ll have to scan a few onto the computer since they don’t give out disks anymore.
Well, I should get back to studying and paper writing.  
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