Manic Monday

 Well today was an active day for me. Though I stayed up well after midnight last night to finish a book – Three Weeks with my Brother- by Nicholas Sparks, I was still up by 10 am. At 12:30 I had a driving lesson, then I came home and started working in the yard. I planted quite a few bulbs that will bloom nicely over the summer and early autumn. I’ve still got a couple packages to plant, but my arms were too tired to keep going. Dad got home from work and we both raked the leaves and bagged them. So the yard looks much cleaner now.
 Dad mentioned to me that he thinks the back porch needs a new floor and if you have ever seen it, you’d agree. It’s dirty, stained and ripped. So I’m going to make a trip to central supplies someday soon to find a suitable replacement for both the front and back porch and possibly the upstairs hall and bathroom. Tomorrow maybe if shawn doesn’t feel up to going out tonight. I want to do some painting tomorrow afternoon. 
 Next week sometime, I may put a fish tank on layaway. We have these cool new fish, knifefish at work. I want to get three or four of them. I also want to put a nice patio set on layaway for when I have my grad party. 
 I have lots of plans for my free time that include yard and house renovations and repairs. I also want to start reading more books. I bought three books the other day, one is the Davinci Code. I bought it for shawn but I want to read it and he’s between two other books right now so I told him he could have it when I read it. Wal-Mart changes their book selection every couple weeks, so I may start buying books from them when they bring them in. They’re 25 % off generally, but I get an extra 10 %, so it’s worth it. 
 Well, I am off for now.
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