Almost graduation

Well, here’s a quick update. I’ve been a mad-woman trying to get the house prepared for Saturday. Having company coming down is the best motivation to clean and repair the house. In the last few days I’ve painted several areas, laid new floor tiles, planted flowers etc. The house is looking pretty good right now. Minus a few odds and ends that are poking out. I bought some patio furniture for our guests. Now all i need is decorations and food. I was planning to do some painting (steps)this evening, but it looks like it could pour rain any minute now. So it’ll have to be done tomorrow morning.
 I bought some new fish today. I added one irridesent shark to the one I already have and two bala sharks.  So I now have 5 sharks counting my columbian, 5 danios and one knifefish. The knifefish is doing really well, but I’m not sure if he’s getting enough to eat or not. I’ve put a couple cubes of food in his hiding spot for him, but they haven’t been completely devoured yet. I’ll have to keep an eye on him. I was considering putting some mollies in for some color, but they had a disease this week, so I’ll wait and try the next shipment on thursday. I might get a couple orange and white ones.
 Well, I am gonna take a rest. I was up late reading a book then up early to finish my floors.
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