Yesterday was my graduation and it was one hell of a day!!! I had lots of fun. The ceremony was long, but the valedictorian gave a great speech. I actually knew the guy, he took a girl I know to prom in high school. He ripped off his robe and was wearing a kilt underneath. He gave a passionate speech about Cape Breton, who we were when we began university and about how we’ve changed. He talked about a triangle having three sides and how it represents (university) life, change and growth. If nothing else, I’d like to have a tape of his speech.
The graduation party afterwards was a lot of fun. Most of my family was here. I don’t think we’ve ever had that many people in my house at one time. I could barely move! We had lots of pictures taken. I was seeing spots from the flashes and the bright sun that was beating down yesterday. There were a few surprise visits and lots of laughter and chatter. I think everyone had a great time.
I miss shawn though, I didn’t get to spend much time with him yesterday because I was trying to see everyone that came in. I’ll see him today and go over his house later. I have his mothers mother’s day gift hiding here!
Well, even though I’m tired and ready to go back to bed, I should get up and try to clean the house. I cleaned it a bit last night before I went to bed, put the food away. Well, what I could get away anyway. There’s way too much left over!!! I might have some potato salad for breakfast! lol
A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS FOR BEING HERE LAST NIGHT. For their love and support. I really appreciate everything they did for me.
It’s an amazing feeling, being a University Graduate. I can’t wait to graduate from Dalhousie!  
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