New Kitty

"The wonderful thing about tiggers is that tiggers are wonderful things"
  I swore, after Dooly was killed, that I wasn’t going to take anymore cats. I knew Ginger might be lonely. I’m still heartbroken for the little do-evil. But I can’t say no to a friend in need. Damn you rob! I now have Rob and Tanya’s cat Tigger who is a beautiful cat. Friendly and likes to cuddle. He’s asleep in my closet as I type this. He’s happy to be here. He likes Ginger but she’s not quite ready to accept him yet. It might take another week or so. Minnie has been curious about him, but he’s a little shy with her. She’s a much bigger dog than he is used to. He reminds me a lot of Boozy. Boo liked to cuddle. She was affectionate and would crawl all over you when you were laying in bed just like Tigger does every night when I’m trying to sleep.
It’s amazing  how animals become a part of you. Boo and Dooly’s memories still bring tears to my eyes.
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