Kitten Found

As if one new ddition wasn’t enough, I seem to be in the right place at the right time for kittens. Shawn and I were at Italian Villiage on tuesday night when we found a kitten. I couldn’t let him stay outside all night so I took him home. I spent yesterday trying to find him a new home, but I couldn’t. So I’m taking him to a shelter today. He’s very cute, grey and white stripped. The waitress at Italian Villiage said she heard that there were about 30-40 cats and kittens in an abandoned house across the street which burned down a little over a week or two ago. So I figured he was homeless. I called the SPCA today to find out if anyone was looking for him and they said no. He’s a very friendly kitten, so I’m sure some little girl will fall in love with him and want to take him home. I wish I could keep him, but two is enough especially where I’m moving in two months.
Hopefully I’ll be going to halifax the 18th of june to do some apartment hunting. Will find out what the schedule is today at work. Considering leaving earlier than I planned though. I’ll have to talk to sharon or peggy about getting 3-4 days off together to go to halifax and look. Maybe I’ll do that today.
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