8 days later

Hello there everyone! Well, I have been in halifax apartment seeking since last tuesday. It’s been quite the stressful week. Aside from apartment hunting which is stressful on it’s own, my cousin had her baby yesterday. A girl. She hasn’t been named yet. My cousin’s mother- my first cousin, called me to babysit monday morning at 2 am so her and her husband could go to the hospital and not worry about their son. I didn’t sleep much monday because we went back to the hospital later that morning when word came my cousin was about to deliver!
The apartment that I am waiting on confirmation for is a 2 bedroom. It’s beautiful. Large rooms, and a balcony. Not to mention beautiful closets! They’re supposed to let me know today if I can move in. I’m still waiting for the call.
Today has been pretty relaxed- thankfully. I took the oportunity to do some laundry and sit outside since the sun is shining. I considering going for a walk, but I didn’t want to miss that phone call about the apartment. I will call tonight if I don’t hear anything.
Well, I guess that’s all for now. I hope to be going home soon. I miss everyone!
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