I have an apartment!

After 7 days of waiting for confirmation, I finally have an apartment. All that’s left is to sign the lease forms. When I move in, I’ll take some pictures so everyone can see it, but you’re all going to have to come visit me. I am so excited to move in. I already know where I’m placing furniture and how it will be decorated. It’s going to look wicked!
I got home from my trip on sunday night. I left halifax friday with aunt carol and her family to go to port hawkesbury to see my grandma. She had 2 heart attacks and a stroke in 24 hours. She’s not doing well at all. She’s paralyzed on the right side.They’ve stopped her dialysis because she’s not stable. The stroke killed her ability to eat food anyway. She’d have to have a feeding tube insterted and it would only make her distressed. And if they put in the feeding tube, they would have to send her to halifax, and she wouldn’t last long with dialysis anyway according to their doctors. So the family concensused to keep her in PHB where they can all be with her. She’s on an IV to give her water every few hours so she doesn’t get dehydrated. I pray that God is taking care of her and will end her misery one way or another.
Shaiden is grounded! He knocked my fish tank off the shelf last night and killed my fish. And he ruined a bunch of things were on top of my desk when the water fell on it.Pictures, computer disks, movies. I was so mad!
Tigger is getting to be too much to handle. He’s torn all the screens in our house trying to get outside and if he doesn’t stop, he’s going to break the windows because he’s constantly scratching at them. I don’t know what I’m going to do. Dad isn’t going to be able to watch him 24 hours a day once I move.
Anyway, I must be off, I’ve got cleaning to do.
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