It’s been a week since I moved to halifax. I’ve spent 6 days and nights on my own with just Ginger mewing to get outside. She’s not liking being cooped up inside, but I think she likes being alone, without Tiggs and Shaiden. I miss Shaiden and Minnie. Didn’t think I’d miss those puppy dog eyes, but I do. And I worry about her. She had an ingrown nail removed just before I left and I worry that Dad isn’t remembering he antibiotics. Dad said the paw doesn’t seem to be bothering her so hopefully there’s not infection left.
 The first three days I was here I had no internet or landline phone. I had to use my cellphone. So the long distance charges are going to be crazy. But oh well. I’ve got ld on my land phone now so I can call everyone at home.
The apartment is really great. It feels tiny with everything in it, but it’s fine for just me. The only thing I hate is the tinyness of the bathroom and the stupid ceiling fan that automatically comes on when you flip the light switch!
Otherwise, I’m pretty bored. I don’t have money to go anywhere and I dont want to go by myself. So I’m hoping shawn gets his butt up here soon!
Well, that’s it for today I think. I might pop in a movie since online is deserted of people right now.
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