Day 19 on the alien planet

Well, here I am,alone. It’s been 19 days since I left the Cape. I’m starting to get a little home sick. I miss my kitten and my friends. Dad calls about twice a week. Which surprises me cause I didn’t think he would. But it’s good. I’m glad he does.
I like the apartment and pretty well have everything set where I want it to go. I do plan to buy a new desk soon, since mine was broken in transit. So when i get that, I may need to rearrange some things.
I’m trying not to spend money, which isn’t too hard since I don’t really leave the apartment except for groceries. I want to go bowling, but I don’t want to waste money. I was hoping that when Justin was in town, we could go, but we ended up not getting together. However, Leah and Kyle are coming home from camp this week. So they may stop in for a bit and we can head to the lanes for a match. Hopefully anyway. Or they might stop in on there way back to NB from the island. Don’t know for sure yet.
I’m waiting for the dal website techs to reset my password so I can log into my account and get my class schedule information. I don’t want to apply for a job until I’m certain of the hours I can work when I go back on the 7th. I think I’m only going to be able to work fridays and saturdays.  I know my classes are all over the place, morings from 9 am til 10 pm. But I’m not sure what days.
I’m glad I at least have the internet up here. Otherwise I’d be seriously shack wacky. I made some new friends on bolt and they keep me company when all my other friends aren’t online.
I think i’ll go now. My tummy is crampy.
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