Dalhousie- Day 1

 I started my first day at Dal today and boy was it stressful. I was so nervous last night about getting the bus that I barely slept. I was scared that I’d get on the wrong bus and end up in a part of town I didn’t recognize. But I got the right bus an hour early so that if I got lost, I’d have time to walk around. Thankfully, I got to the right place after being lost for only 15 minutes. So next week, I’ll know where I’m going right away. I got my buspass today. Had to wait in line for that for about 30 minutes. Trying to find the building I had to get the pass in was quite the chore too. But I’ve learned so far the Seymour street, University Ave and the Henry Hicks building are important. As long as I can find them, I’m ok. I don’t have classes friday’s, but I think I’m going to go into campus to go to the bookstore. That way I can do some reading this weekend and be prepared for classes on monday. If I can afford the books that is.
Anyway, Now that I’ve calmed down from all the intensity this afternoon, I think I’m ready for bed. Adios Amigos!
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