2006 RECAP

Ok, so I know there’s still a couple weeks left in December, but here’s my year in review.

The year started off sucky because I had to put my cat to sleep on new years eve. He had cancer.

New years party was fun at Mary Lee’s. I had more drinks that night than I did the whole year.

School returns. Taking 6 credits. 3 psychology 3 Communication. The art of persuasion was supposed to change my life…guess what? It didn’t. Psychology of human sexuality however…Best class ever!

Birthday party two weeks later was nice and small since my friends are scattered around north america. We (remaining friends in Cape Breton) partied at my place and played board games. I’m the scene it! and scene it! Disney Queen!

Week later- mary lee and I get into a huge misunderstanding- we don’t talk for the next 10 months.


Valentine’s day with my Love Bug and spring break. Travelling to see Leah and Kyle in NB! 12 Hours on a flipping bus! I love you guys, but I’m never doing that again.

Anniversary of aunt Bev’s death


School retardedness as the final weeks come to a close and I’m swamped with massive projects. Really. Massive. Begin planning for graduation


Lose Dooly, my little prince. Cause unknow for his death. I found him dead in our front yard. He was 5 years old. depression followed for several weeks.

5 year Anniversary of my mother’s death hits like a ton of bricks. Depression ensues.


5 year anniversay of grandpa and aunt christie’s death.

Letter of acceptance from Dalhousie arrives.  

Graduation from University with Psychology degree. Happy day.

1 YEAR anniversary of working at wally world. Battles at work increase as my boss starts demanding I work every sunday or I’m fired. I’m not stupid and I wasn’t about to give up the only day with shawn I was guaranteed. I knew I could get another job no problem. But I liked the people I worked with (minus management). So I stuck it out a little while longer until…(see june)

Get new pets- Tigger, Shaiden and 20 gallon Fish tank 


10 year anniversary of best friend’s death.

…Boss makes discriminatory comments to me one night. Very rude and inconsiderate of her. I’m shocked and angry. I decide to quit (ask for details). She refused to give me more than two shifts a week anyway unless I agreed to work sunday’s. June 23rd was last day.

June 26th Travel to halifax to look for apartment.

June 28th, Shawn’s grandfather dies. Can’t make it back home in time for funeral.


Andrea has a baby. Maurina has a baby the following day. Both girls. Tiyana and Taighe.

My grandmother has two heart attacks and a massive stroke. Looses most body functions. Can’t eat, can’t speak, can’t hear… can’t have dialysis, can’t move her to another hospital. Family vote to keep her in her hometown and let God do his work. She dies a few days later on July 16th.

Agnes has fight with mom. Moves in with me until I move to halifax.

Agnes gets me addicted to Sherrilyn Kenyon Novels


I move to halifax. Alone. Shawn stays behind until he gets a job offer. We spent a total of 9 weeks apart from june til the last week of september.


Start dalhousie. Panic attacks. Halifax is so big and scary.

Meet lots of new and nice people in my program.

Shawn moves in Sept 25th after accepting job with RIM


Projects begin to pile up. Focus on school and getting work done.


Mom’s birthday month, aunt carol’s birthday, Shawn’s birthday, Melyssa’s birthday, Patrick’s birthday,

Anniversary of agnes’s father’s death.

Christmas shopping begins. Shawn’s sister and dad come up to go shopping.

Learn that there’s mass amounts of violence happening back home on the street i grew up on. People attacked, homes invaded. Worry about dad and michael being hurt.


Remaining projects to be finished.

Dad’s birthday, Michael’s birthday, leah and heather’s birthday, aunt ruth’s birthday. Busy month.

Cousin’s boyfriend is murdered.

Christmas inching closer. Missing home, family, friends and a really good ponzo very much. Expecting to go home for a few days.

Update will come in the next couple weeks.






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