I found this quote today that I think Agnes would really like, so I’m putting it here for her to see incase I forget to tell her.
"Those who fear the darkness, have never seen what the light can do."
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  It’s been a week since I moved to halifax. I’ve spent 6 days and nights on my own with just Ginger mewing to get outside. She’s not liking being cooped up inside, but I think she likes being alone, without Tiggs and Shaiden. I miss Shaiden and Minnie. Didn’t think I’d miss those puppy dog eyes, but I do. And I worry about her. She had an ingrown nail removed just before I left and I worry that Dad isn’t remembering he antibiotics. Dad said the paw doesn’t seem to be bothering her so hopefully there’s not infection left.
 The first three days I was here I had no internet or landline phone. I had to use my cellphone. So the long distance charges are going to be crazy. But oh well. I’ve got ld on my land phone now so I can call everyone at home.
The apartment is really great. It feels tiny with everything in it, but it’s fine for just me. The only thing I hate is the tinyness of the bathroom and the stupid ceiling fan that automatically comes on when you flip the light switch!
Otherwise, I’m pretty bored. I don’t have money to go anywhere and I dont want to go by myself. So I’m hoping shawn gets his butt up here soon!
Well, that’s it for today I think. I might pop in a movie since online is deserted of people right now.
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I have an apartment!

After 7 days of waiting for confirmation, I finally have an apartment. All that’s left is to sign the lease forms. When I move in, I’ll take some pictures so everyone can see it, but you’re all going to have to come visit me. I am so excited to move in. I already know where I’m placing furniture and how it will be decorated. It’s going to look wicked!
I got home from my trip on sunday night. I left halifax friday with aunt carol and her family to go to port hawkesbury to see my grandma. She had 2 heart attacks and a stroke in 24 hours. She’s not doing well at all. She’s paralyzed on the right side.They’ve stopped her dialysis because she’s not stable. The stroke killed her ability to eat food anyway. She’d have to have a feeding tube insterted and it would only make her distressed. And if they put in the feeding tube, they would have to send her to halifax, and she wouldn’t last long with dialysis anyway according to their doctors. So the family concensused to keep her in PHB where they can all be with her. She’s on an IV to give her water every few hours so she doesn’t get dehydrated. I pray that God is taking care of her and will end her misery one way or another.
Shaiden is grounded! He knocked my fish tank off the shelf last night and killed my fish. And he ruined a bunch of things were on top of my desk when the water fell on it.Pictures, computer disks, movies. I was so mad!
Tigger is getting to be too much to handle. He’s torn all the screens in our house trying to get outside and if he doesn’t stop, he’s going to break the windows because he’s constantly scratching at them. I don’t know what I’m going to do. Dad isn’t going to be able to watch him 24 hours a day once I move.
Anyway, I must be off, I’ve got cleaning to do.
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8 days later

Hello there everyone! Well, I have been in halifax apartment seeking since last tuesday. It’s been quite the stressful week. Aside from apartment hunting which is stressful on it’s own, my cousin had her baby yesterday. A girl. She hasn’t been named yet. My cousin’s mother- my first cousin, called me to babysit monday morning at 2 am so her and her husband could go to the hospital and not worry about their son. I didn’t sleep much monday because we went back to the hospital later that morning when word came my cousin was about to deliver!
The apartment that I am waiting on confirmation for is a 2 bedroom. It’s beautiful. Large rooms, and a balcony. Not to mention beautiful closets! They’re supposed to let me know today if I can move in. I’m still waiting for the call.
Today has been pretty relaxed- thankfully. I took the oportunity to do some laundry and sit outside since the sun is shining. I considering going for a walk, but I didn’t want to miss that phone call about the apartment. I will call tonight if I don’t hear anything.
Well, I guess that’s all for now. I hope to be going home soon. I miss everyone!
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Wal-Mart is History!!!

I finally quit walmart! I put my notice in yesterday and unfortunately have to stick it out for two more weeks. Leah and Kyle are home this weekend and of course I’m working all day today and tomorrow! Tempted to call off sick tomorrow so I can hang out with them, but I think we’re all getting together on monday. Making a day of it. Going to the circus that’s in town for a bit. If it’s not raining. But after these next two weeks are over with, I’ll be moving to halifax to look for an apartment. I can’t wait! I’ll be living with Aunt Carol for a little while. Then hopefully Shawn will be able to come up. But I have to get ready for work now. I don’t want to go cause I was at the relay for life last night and I’m pretty tired! But Sharon wouldn’t give me the day off work to stay for the whole relay so I stayed as late as I could before deciding to leave. i’m gonna pick up a few things at work today, couple of battery powered camping lanterns. Luckily I got shawn to buy one last night and it’s a good thing he did or we’d be sitting in the dark all night. It wasn’t overly powerful but if gave off a good light. So it might be good to get two more of them for camping or something
I was thinking it would be nice to get two or three collapsable chairs. The ones that are in bags, for easy moving. Well, gotta go shower or i’ll be late for work!
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Kitten Found

As if one new ddition wasn’t enough, I seem to be in the right place at the right time for kittens. Shawn and I were at Italian Villiage on tuesday night when we found a kitten. I couldn’t let him stay outside all night so I took him home. I spent yesterday trying to find him a new home, but I couldn’t. So I’m taking him to a shelter today. He’s very cute, grey and white stripped. The waitress at Italian Villiage said she heard that there were about 30-40 cats and kittens in an abandoned house across the street which burned down a little over a week or two ago. So I figured he was homeless. I called the SPCA today to find out if anyone was looking for him and they said no. He’s a very friendly kitten, so I’m sure some little girl will fall in love with him and want to take him home. I wish I could keep him, but two is enough especially where I’m moving in two months.
Hopefully I’ll be going to halifax the 18th of june to do some apartment hunting. Will find out what the schedule is today at work. Considering leaving earlier than I planned though. I’ll have to talk to sharon or peggy about getting 3-4 days off together to go to halifax and look. Maybe I’ll do that today.
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New Kitty

"The wonderful thing about tiggers is that tiggers are wonderful things"
  I swore, after Dooly was killed, that I wasn’t going to take anymore cats. I knew Ginger might be lonely. I’m still heartbroken for the little do-evil. But I can’t say no to a friend in need. Damn you rob! I now have Rob and Tanya’s cat Tigger who is a beautiful cat. Friendly and likes to cuddle. He’s asleep in my closet as I type this. He’s happy to be here. He likes Ginger but she’s not quite ready to accept him yet. It might take another week or so. Minnie has been curious about him, but he’s a little shy with her. She’s a much bigger dog than he is used to. He reminds me a lot of Boozy. Boo liked to cuddle. She was affectionate and would crawl all over you when you were laying in bed just like Tigger does every night when I’m trying to sleep.
It’s amazing  how animals become a part of you. Boo and Dooly’s memories still bring tears to my eyes.
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