Wal-Mart is History!!!

I finally quit walmart! I put my notice in yesterday and unfortunately have to stick it out for two more weeks. Leah and Kyle are home this weekend and of course I’m working all day today and tomorrow! Tempted to call off sick tomorrow so I can hang out with them, but I think we’re all getting together on monday. Making a day of it. Going to the circus that’s in town for a bit. If it’s not raining. But after these next two weeks are over with, I’ll be moving to halifax to look for an apartment. I can’t wait! I’ll be living with Aunt Carol for a little while. Then hopefully Shawn will be able to come up. But I have to get ready for work now. I don’t want to go cause I was at the relay for life last night and I’m pretty tired! But Sharon wouldn’t give me the day off work to stay for the whole relay so I stayed as late as I could before deciding to leave. i’m gonna pick up a few things at work today, couple of battery powered camping lanterns. Luckily I got shawn to buy one last night and it’s a good thing he did or we’d be sitting in the dark all night. It wasn’t overly powerful but if gave off a good light. So it might be good to get two more of them for camping or something
I was thinking it would be nice to get two or three collapsable chairs. The ones that are in bags, for easy moving. Well, gotta go shower or i’ll be late for work!
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One Response to Wal-Mart is History!!!

  1. Iliana says:

    You know, Creighton\’s got some friends in Halifax. The sooner you get an apartment, the sooner we can come and visit.

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